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Blender Node Wrangler Tips

Node Wrangler is a suite of tools that makes editing nodes easier, and it is included in Blender 3D by default. There are several tools in this add-on that help you work with nodes efficiently and quickly.

Here are some of our favorite shortcuts to speed up your Node Wrangler workflow.

Go into Preferences > Add-Ons > search for Node: Node Wrangler and enable it.screenshot: enable-node-wrangler

1. To create a node that connects to multiple noodles, Shift + right-click drag over whatever noodles you want to connect. 

2. A new node is created.

3. To move the newly created node, click on it to select it, hit G on your keyboard, drag it wherever you want, and click again to confirm.

screenshot of how to re-route-node


Hold down Alt while you click & drag the node away.

Hold in Control and right-click drag through the noodle

Hold CTRL + Shift and select the node to preview it. While holding those keys, click the node again to cycle through the other node outputs.